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Our Roles

Our role is to provide information on Namibia’s weather and climate to all organizations and individuals who need the information for their activities.

Our Commitment to you

In partnership with you as our customers, we will strengthen Namibia’s capacity to use its abundant and varying weather and climate resources for the benefit of its peoples and the international community as a whole. We realize that weather and climate are natural resources which must be understood if they are to be exploited for the benefit of society. In our work, we will focus on those to whom we provide services. This approach builds on our key values, which are:

  • Being fair to those who depend on our services.
  • Being efficient and professional when delivering our services.
  • Being helpful and courteous at all times.

Our standards applicable to specific work areas

(a) Forecasting Services for Aviation and General Public

  • We will provide a level of service to standards set by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).
  • The immediate nature of our work and the needs of the users require meeting strict deadlines at the stipulated times.
  • We will collect, compile, analyse and disseminate immediate meteorological data to the southern Africa regional center and other users.
  • We will issue Aviation and general public forecasts.
  • Public forecasts will be issued four times a day at 06:00, 13:00, 17:00 and 19:00 on radio, and once a day on television.
  • Public forecasts arising from requests will be issued immediately if the validity period is within the period for which routine and regular updates are made; otherwise the forecast will be issued as may be mutually agreed.

(b) Climate data and Consultancy Services

  • We will ensure that data supplied to you is of acceptable quality using national and international proven quality control methods.
  • We will adhere to climate data management standards as set by WMO.
  • In the case of information derived from data analysis, such as statistical inferences, we will inform you of any limitations associated with the results obtained.
  • We will publish, at regular intervals, climate data and information in general formats that are easy to understand.
  • Periodic factual and research publications can be obtained from the NMS offices
  • We will also disseminate briefs on some climate events through the public media.

What we expect from you

Because of the multi-disciplinary nature of our services, and therefore quite a wide spectrum of user requirements we ask all users of our products:

  • To keep us informed about their needs so that we may be in a position to serve them better as well as taking their needs on board during the processes of service reviews.
  • To present their requests clearly.
  • To give us feedback, where necessary, on the general quality of the services provided.
  • To adhere to conditions or agreements attached to the services provided.